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About BLAZE Marketing

At BLAZE Marketing, our primary focus is on creating a strong relationship between an
organization’s operational goals and their marketing initiatives to provide a return on
investment (ROI). We have found that in most companies, there is a disconnect between
the two which in turn directly impacts revenue streams, sales cycles, and customer


We always tell our customers what we think, even when it is not what they want to hear.
By being honest and straight forward in nature, we help our clients achieve success.
Together we work with our clients to recommend and implement marketing strategies,
goal oriented initiatives, and integrative planning.


BLAZE Marketing is a consultancy centered around real analytics and marketing planning
that ties directly to your organization’s operational goals. We begin with understanding
your industry’s outlook, top competitors, and your current customers. Then we take a
deeper dive into understanding your internal processes that impact your marketing life
cycle. After identifying any weak areas, we make recommendations on different strategies
and how they can be implemented for your company.


Each member of our team specializes in their field and offers a unique perspective to
every BLAZE Marketing project. Our specialists are passionate about what they do and
thrive off working with new teams across different industries. With the goal of delivering
results to our clients, our team continues to find more creative and effective ways of
executing projects for our clients.


At BLAZE Marketing, our team concentrates on the strategic development and execution
of projects in the B2B space. We actively learn from each industry we work in and often
apply concepts from one industry to another. This often results in a competitive
advantage for our clients. These industries include:

      • Apparel
      • Commercial Services
      • Educational Institutions
      • Energy
      • Government
      • Healthcare
      • Industrial
      • Logistics
      • Manufacturing
      • Museums
      • Non-Profits
      • Professional Services
      • Sports
      • Technology
      • Travel
      • Transportation
      • Utilities
      • Wholesalers



Reach out to us. We are happy to answer any general marketing questions or inquiries in
regards to BLAZE Marketing’s services. We can be reached at 973-903-8754 or